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Sr. Game Designer

Design – Los Angeles, California
Department Design
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

Magnopus is a content-focused technology company founded by a diverse team of Oscar-winning artists, interactive designers, and engineers from games, films, and unusual places. We’re passionate about creating rich experiences across the physical and digital worlds in ways people haven’t seen yet.

We’ve been working with partners on a large-scale project that will be a “world’s first” and we’re building up the team to execute this ambitious vision on a global stage. If (no, when) we’re successful, it will serve as a model for the future, and a heck of an experience in the present. Many of the things we’re doing have been done before in small, isolated ways. Now we’ve got a rare opportunity to bring them all together at scale to show rest of the world what all this new tech is good for, while delivering fun experiences and engaging narratives that make a positive impact. But we need your help to make it truly amazing.

Job Description

So, we heard you like quests. We heard that you said that while there may be six major quest types, each of those can be broken down, independent of narrative context, to at least four and as many as eleven subcategories. You kind of lost us for a minute there, but you came off as really knowledgeable and we’d like to get coffee sometime.

As it happens, we need some help creating quests. As well as creating underlying mechanics that make quests fun, especially for players coming at a problem from several directions. There’s a little more to it than that, but we must respect the time-honored tradition in which job descriptions are like Fermat’s Last Theorem. We make big, hazy claims and get to the details later. Didn’t go so well for Fermat.

What we can say is that we’re seeking an experienced Game Designer to help our team create experiences for XR hardware (that’s VR, AR, MR, RR, and Non-Rs) on real-time platforms. We are specifically looking at experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds. We know this is a new thing, so we aren’t going to pretend there’s anyone out there with ten years of experience in it. But if you’re passionate about tackling things that have never been done before, broad enough to bring in experiences from multiple platforms, and sage enough to realize that none of us have all the answers, we would like very much to work with you. We need people who are open-minded, curious, and eager to learn new things in order to create experiences that engage gamers and non-gamers alike. All in a new medium that we’ll talk about later...



  • Emotionally prepared to design and drive the vision and implementation of features and game systems from jump
  • Experience writing game design documents and creating systems that take users from zero to hero
  • Collaborate with team members to deliver design specifications for player engagement and retention to team leads, work closely with UX/UI to design wireframes and paper prototypes, and iterate in response to feedback
  • Work within existing systems and expand on them, including integrating feedback from user experience testing
  • Quickly prototype design ideas in-game and rapidly iterate via playtesting


  • 5+ years of game design experience
  • Overall knowledge of game design processes including, but not limited to, level flow, engagement design, story pacing, etc.
  • Experience on multiple projects and platforms
  • Those communication skills

Bonus Points

  • Experience working with VR/AR content and understanding what makes them unique
  • Experience with mobile game design (or non-game design)
  • MMO and ARG experience
  • Experience scripting in language such as C#, JS, and Lua
  • Desire to make the world not suck

Magnopus employees enjoy benefits such as a generous vacation policy, medical benefits including dental and vision, great co-workers, and access to next-generation technology so they can focus on making exciting things.

Though we’ve delivered a lot of crazy stuff, here are a few you can check out at home:
Disney Pixar Coco VR
Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

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